Hope Solo Fappening Victim - Raunchy Photos Leaked!

Hope Solo is not only one of the most famous female athlete stars in the world, but she is also known to most people as a beauty icon too! Yes, of course, she was noticed as the goalie of the United States National Soccer team, but she has also been dabbling in other industries as well - such as modeling and fashion. The thing that really put Hope on the map though was the whole scandal that happened with "The Fappening". To her major surprise, a lot of her naked pictures were leaked online to the public along with other celebrities as well. Someone hacked into the icloud of a bunch of celebrities and posted them all over the internet. It was a huge deal and some celebs were pretty pissed about their privacy being exposed that way! Hope didn't have such an angry reaction, but we are glad they were leaked because she has one of the hottest bodies we have ever seen! The fact that she's an athlete means that her body is in absolute tip top shape and she definitely has sex appeal. We hope that Hope keeps showing off her body - it's truly a gift to the world!
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Hope Solo Likes To Take Nude Photos

In her spare time, soccer star and world champion Hope Solo loves to take nude photos. Somehow inbetween her busy ass schedule and soccer training she snaps sexy pictures like the one above for fun. Hope became a global super star when she was first seen playing for the United States soccer team as their amazing goalie. The woman definitely kicks ass on the field, but she also has a kick ass body that men everywhere have admired from far off lands. Also, it helps that she has a gorgeous face...

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Hope Solo Wins Woman Of The Year With Caitlyn Jenner

Hope Solo had the most amazing year ever. First of all, she won the World Cup with her beloved United States team and then shared the title of "Woman Of The Year" with Caitlyn Jenner by her side, who had once mentored her as Bruce Jenner before the gender transition. When they went on stage to get the ESPY award they both won, you could tell they had a special connection and that they shared a respect for one another while they both congratulated each other.  Before the awa...

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Hope Solo Claims She Is Seeing A Shrink

With the recent controversy surrounding Hope Solo’s anger issues and recent arrest she claims she is trying to change for the better and control her anger. The US national soccer team goalkeeper was arrested on charges of assault and causing injury. She was intoxicated and upset due to her lack of form in recent times and had assaulted her sister and young nephew in her home. A call to 911 claimed Hope Solo was absolutely psychotic and was beating people up. Police rushed to her hou...

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Hope Solo in A Domestic Dispute Once Again

From the look of things, this might just be a bad year for Hope Solo. The United States Women Football team goalkeeper is once again making the headlines for the third time this year all thanks to an animated argument with her nephew. According to TMZ, Hope made an announced stopover at her nephew’s apartment after missing her flight, and like before, she was once again drunk. Upon her arrival, Hope and her nephew started exchanging words that in turn resulted in Hope punching her neph...

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